Our Projects

Why choose to live in a RidgeRunner community?

By joining a RidgeRunner community, you are joining a band of pioneers resettling America’s old frontiers. We select locations based on natural beauty, affordability, politics and local culture, and then we market to people much like you.

Buying in one of our communities is an opportunity to pick a place where you can set down roots for the long haul and be part of building a community with people who share your values.

Our first project is in Burkesville, KY, but we are constantly interesting in expanding so keep an eye out for additional communities as we grow.

Burkesville, KY

Burkesville, KY is situated on the banks of the Cumberland River just north of the Tennessee border, and between two world class lakes – Cumberland Lake in Kentucky, and Dale Hollow Lake which straddles Kentucky and Tennessee.

Burkesville is the county seat of Cumberland County, Kentucky (pop. 6,659 as of 2018)…